Tips for choosing the Right Battery for your Airsoft Gun

At times, it’s very confusing to choose a battery for your BB gun because of the numerous options available. However, it’s essential to consider a few things before making your final choice. You will only need a better if your BB gun is electric-powered. Such guns are also known as AEGs. But, you don’t need a battery or charger for a spring or gas BB gun. Please note that the battery you choose will greatly be determined by the style or model of gun you have.

All in all, the most critical thing to consider when choosing a battery for your AEG is space. Air rifles for sale. That is, whether your BB gun is rear wired, and the battery is fixed in the stock or wired in the front, and the battery goes into the front handguard.

However, the biggest question to ask is, what’s the major difference between typical rechargeable batteries, also known as Ni-MH and Li-PO batteries, designed for BB gun enthusiasts? And, what BB guns are compatible with both Li-PO and Ni-MH batteries. Let’s first look at this.

Ni-MH batteries

These batteries are mostly used in hobby BB guns. Besides, the batteries are specially designed to retain high voltage during situations that demand high current, and they come in two voltage options—8.4V and 9.6V. Airsoft target. One of the greatest benefits of Ni-MH batteries is the capability to top them up with a charge, without affecting their overall charge storage capacity. However, you must use a smart charger, as these chargers stop charging automatically when the battery is full, thus preventing the battery from overheating, or damaging its life.

Li-PO batteries

These are the most common among BB gun skirmishers and enthusiasts, as they are lightweight and come in different shapes. Besides Li-PO batteries come in two voltage options—7.4V and 11.1V. One notable thing about Li-PO batteries is their capability to distribute high-energy density and generate high power in a solid package.

When purchasing Li-PO batteries, it’s important to buy a Li-PO charger too. Please note that Li-PO batteries don’t work with standard chargers designed for Ni-MH BB batteries. While some modern BB guns are compatible with Li-PO batteries, always make sure that you read the instructions to check whether the gun is BB compatible.

BB gun battery guide

In case you are new to BB guns, and you have purchased a battery-powered BB gun that didn’t come with its battery, there’s a simple way to choose your battery without being too technical about its performance. What you need to note is, every AEG model has a battery model that’s very common for its style.

For instance, M4/M16 BB gun variants will fit a standard Nunchuck (Split) battery style. However, the size of the battery that you need will depend on the battery housing—that is rear stock or front handguard. Typically, Nunchuck (split) batteries are designed to fit in the stock, while brick-style batteries go in the front handguard. However, this isn’t the case for all BB guns.

For AK47 models, on the other hand, stick batters are more common because most BB guns with these styles are wired under the top receiver or to the front handguard. However, in case your AK47 model is rear wired and has a solid stock, you can Nunchuck or Brick style batteries.

However, you should understand that certain battery-powered BB guns have space for batteries with a specific shape. Therefore, it’s essential to check which battery shape your BB gun needs. Besides, different battery model options like a stick, brick, or Nunchuck come in different voltages and sizes, which makes them ideal for certain guns over others.

Battery chargers and power

Lastly, don’t forget about the battery chargers and power. There’s a common misconception that the size of your battery affects the power of your BB gun. However, you should understand that the power level greatly depends on different battery models. Therefore, you should consider the MaH (Milliamp hours), as well as voltage to determine the power you want. Also, ensure that the charger you buy is compatible with the battery style you choose.